神川 憲
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大阪府立大学大学院 理学系研究科 分子科学専攻
Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Osaka Prefecture University
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Organometallic Chemistry, Asymmetric Synthesis, Synthetic Organic Chemistry,

Employment History
1998 Post Doctral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald)
1999 Assistant Professor, College of Integrated Arts and Sciences Osaka Prefecture University
2005 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science, Osaka Prefecture University
2015 Professor, Graduate School of Science, Osaka Prefecture University
2010-present Cooperative Research Fellow
Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University
1995-1998 JSPS Research Fellow (DC)
1998-1999 JSPS Research Fellow (PD)
2008 Incentive Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan
2014 Nagase Foundation Award
2016 International Symposium on Pure & Applied Chemistry (ISPAC) 2016 Lectureship Award
2016 Asian Core Program/Advanced Research Network Lectureship Award (China)
2016 Asian Core Program/Advanced Research Network Lectureship Award (Taiwan)
2018 Asian Core Program/Advanced Research Network Lectureship Award (Singapore)
2021 The Chemical Society of Japan Award for Creative Work
Research Summary
Development of novel enantioselective organic transformation is one of the most active research areas in synthetic organic chemistry. Among chiral compounds, we are especially interested in controlling the chirality of “Non-Centro Chiral Compound” by catalytic asymmetric reactions, because these chiral molecules are widely utilized as powerful chiral scaffolds in asymmetric reactions or chiral recognitions. Except for asymmetric synthesis utilizing a transition metal complex mentioned above, following research interests are under investigation in our group.

1) Catalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of “Non-Centro Chiral Compounds” such as planar-, axial-, helical chiral molecules
2) Synthesis of Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) with Non-Planar Structure
3) Asymmetric Synthesis via Catalytic C-H Activation Reactions
4) Molecular Design of Small Organic Molecules Based on Structural Information for a Conformational Constrained Peptide that Binds to Target Protein
Selected Publications
  1. Hosokawa, T.; Takahashi, Y.; Matsushima, T.; Watanabe, S.; Kikkawa, S.; Azumaya, I.; Tsurusaki, A.; Kamikawa, K. Syntehsis, Structures, and Properties of Hexapole Helicenes: Assembling Six [5]Helicene Substructures into Highly Twisted Aromatic Systems J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 2017, 139, 18512
  2. Kamikawa, K.; Tseng, Y.-Y.; Jisn, J.-H.; Takahashi, T.; Ogasawara, M. Planar-Chiral Phosphine-Olefin Ligands Exploiting a (Cyclopentadienyl)manganeses (I) Scaffold to Achieve High Enantioselectivity J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 2017, 139, 1545
  3. Kashihara, H.; Asada, T.; Kamikawa, K. Synthesis of Double Helicene by a Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction: Structure and Pysical Properties Chem.: -Eur. J.. 2015, 21, 6523
  4. Kamikawa, K.; Arae, S.; Wu, W. Y.; Nakamura, C.; Takahashi, T.; Ogasawara, M. Simultaneous Induction of Axial and Planar Chirality in Arene-Chromium Complexes by Molybdenum-Catalyzed Enantioselective Ring-Closing Metathesis Chem.: -Eur. J.. 2015, 21, 4954
  5. Ogasawara, M.; Tseng, Y.-Y.; Arae, S.; Morita. T.; Nakaya, T.; Wu, W. Y.; Takahashi, T.; Kamikawa, K. Phosphine-Olefin Ligands Based on a Planar-Chiral (pai-Arene)chromium Scaffold: Design, Synthesis, and Application in Asymmetric Catalysis J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 9377
  6. Kaneko, E.; Matsumoto, Y..; Kamikawa, K. Synthesis of Azahelicene N-Oxide by Palladium Catalyzed Direct C-H Annulation of the Pendant Z-Bromovinyl Side Chem.: -Eur. J. 2013, 19. 11837. [Selected as the Journal Front Cover, Highlighed in SYNFACTS 2013, Highlighted in WILEY-VCH, Hot topics]
  7. Ogasawara, M.; Wu, W.-Y. Arae, S.; T.; Watanabe, S.; Morita, Takahashi, T.; Kamikawa, K. Kinetic Resolution of Planar-Chiral (h6-Arene)chromium Complexes by Molybdenum-Catalyzed Asymmetric Ring-Closing Metathesis Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 2951.
  8. Mori, A.; Kinoshita, S.; Furusyo, M.; Kamikawa, K. Induction of Axially Chiral N-C Bond in N-Aryl Acridane by Stereoselective Chromium Tricarbonyl Migration Chem. Commun. 2010, 46, 6846.
  9. Kamikawa, K.; Fukumoto, K.; Yoshihara, K.; Furusyo, M.; Uemura, M.; Takemoto, S.;
Matsuzaka, H.
Induction of one-handed helical oligo(p-benzammide)s by domino effect based on 
planar-axial-helical chirality relay 
Chem. Commun. 2009, 1201.