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フロー化学によるコンパクトで安全な物質製造へHighly Efficient Reaction Process Using Modern Reaction Devices, Microreactors光触媒によりC-H結合の位置選択的官能基化を

Welcome to RYU GROUP

Within our Laboratory, the Projects focus on the invention of new synthetic methodologies, which could be potentially useful in organic synthesis. The utilization of abundant feedstock, like CO, alkenes, and alkynes, is always within our focus. Special emphasis is placed on unique behaviors of chemical species, like free-radicals and organo-transition metal species to develop novel transformations. Present research interests also include “green” synthetic processes using new reaction media such as fluorous solvents and ionic liquids and microreactors as a reaction device, which would be revolutionary new chemical tools, replacing a traditional glass-made batch reactors.


04, 01, 2019
We opened a brand new laboratory, Laboratory for Advanced Organic Synthesis, at Organization for Research Promotion.
08, 04, 2014
We opened the Website of The Ninth International Symposium on Integrated Synthesis (ISIS-9).
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01, 12, 2011
Our homepage is renewed

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